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the Webzine that's packed with preservatives

by David McLain [!]# HaCkeD By WazeHell #[!]

It all started with a portable CD player.

by Soapsuds John Washington Thinks I’m A Bitch

…and Soapsuds is okay with that.

by Fish Songwriter’s Blues

Living under an artistic past five feet long and luminous.

by David McLain My Letter From Moses Sussman, or How I Decided to Become a Communist

“When you write a book, does it really matter why people buy it? Is there a difference between success and commerce?”

by Fish The Meat of the Matter

Where the elite meet not to eat meat.

by L. Burrow On Being Out of Step

After eighteen years of butchering the ambulatory process, the Marine Corps taught me the proper way to walk.

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